Jeet Kune Do / Kali Class

     The focus of our classes is to develop major attributes that are key to the success of all techniques regardless of style. Jeet Kune Do has a unique method for developing attributes that is both productive and progressive. The drills employed in the learning process enhance technique throughout the phase so that the skill is applicable in the shortest amount of time. The first phase of training normally lasts three to six months before moving into the next phase. Those of you that already have rudimentary skills will still find value in this phase, it is the foundation of learning. I was in every phase one class in the academy when I was learning and I found it to be extremely helpful when I became an Instructor.

     Since each class only meets once or twice per week, interlocking concepts from various styles within JKD will be used to complement each other for accelerated learning. Anyone who has been to a Dan Inosanto class or seminar will understand this method, as drills move rapidly but are entangled.

    Attributes that you can expect to be augmented are; coordination, footwork, body mechanics, line familiarization, timing, reaction and rhythm. This will be done within a framework of drills that will encompass all the ranges of combat. There will be many drills from the art of Kali that will use weaponry as a means to enhance attributes. There will be drills involving punching pads, kicking shields, thai pads and boxing gloves, as well as light contact and trapping techniques.

  Overall, you will find our classes enlightening, developmental and hopefully fun and productive. Feel free to take notes, ask questions and enjoy the class.

                                 Sifu Tom Barell